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Whenever someone splits people between low-mid-high this mental image pops up from Venkatesh Rao contra Maslow. Small minds of the working class care about people (immediate survival), average minds of the blue collar middle class care about events (long term safety), middling minds of the white-collar middle class care about institutions (belonging), sub-optimal minds of the professional class care about markets (self-esteem & understanding), great minds of the upper class care about ideas (aesthetics & fulfillment). https://archive.ph/xQ54z https://archive.ph/LnVKu

If this is true, belonging and solidarity (and in a lesser sense good self-image & psychological security) would be the crux of making reality tolerable for the middle, and in turn rendering the Metaverse useless. But to do that in a less social network oriented way, one must first deconstruct aesthetics of each of these classes. Within the three middle classes, the blue collar class desires "winning" in an event, the white-collar middle desires significance in any community, and the professional class desires yuppie comforts. In all instances, personal identity is prioritized over the pure physical (grass-touching) or the pure spiritual (meditate and read). Atomization of an unsafe meatspace makes internet socialization comparably tolerable. https://danco.substack.com/p/michael-dwight-and-andy-the-three https://hackernoon.com/on-the-infestation-of-small-souled-bugmen-6561ae922e07

What are the steps to initiate small pocket dimensions of meatspace that is fun and joyous? A hint can be found in internet subgenres of art. For example, the whole "backrooms" and "liminal" photography genre hints at the need for communal third spaces as abandoned malls and hotels. Urbex sounds like an adventure but it can be considered trespassing. Also a similar sentiment about "traumacore" hints that going to a friend's house is a thing of the past, as the disenfranchised are the most likely to not have access to private spaces.

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to fully experience metaverse you should have good internet connection, plenty of good hardware, it is not a toy for everyone.

Maybe I don't have original Picasso on a wall but I have art-books and albums in my physical library, I have CD's and DVD's , sold in a thousand copies , many people can afford it. You can buy an artwork from a local artist, you can surround yourself with exotic plants, if you grow them yourself. Nice living is not only a matter of money, but it depends of your willingness of doing something in your environment

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Or we could rip away the ugliness of post industrial mega-cities and make a a beautiful reality available to everyone. We could also force them to read Walden so they are content to walk outside and don't need to be hyper-stimulated all the time. But thanks foe the WEF perspective, I'll pass.

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