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A fun thing to notice: Collin has some basic deconstruction on data collection error and problems of bad interpretation. Also some data are just not "collectable" in a sense, and requires some intuition to work around. https://desystemize.substack.com/

"Simplify with Awareness" in essence becomes a paired indicator to not overfit or oversimplify. Imagine if there is a way of achieving this with less difficulty. https://swellandcut.com/2017/09/04/the-five-types-of-paired-indicators/

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This was great!

I was reading another Substack last week - link after comment - that discussed how we need chaos to add complexity to stories, that it makes writing/movies/etc. more believable because history and real life are soooo complex and messy. Even in myself, I feel the drive to simplify and minimize - but often it comes from a place of desiring control. That might be an element of our desire to oversimplify people and life and even political motivations - we just want to be able to choose right or left.

Thanks for writing!


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