Sitemap - 2021 - Atlas of Wonders and Monsters

How Many Words Have You Ever Written?

My Weirdest Year Yet

Seven Salons About Ted Chiang

Paint With the Colors That Don't Exist

Is It Worth Fixing Science?

On the Proper Use of the Moon

Reality Will Become a Status Symbol

The Unsolvable Puzzle of Modern Architecture

Here Be Dragons, But Also Dazzling Marvels

Rabbit Hole #10: Anosmia

Rabbit Hole #9: Texas

Rabbit Hole #8: Non-Fungible Tokens

Rabbit Hole #7: The Ethereum White Paper

Rabbit Hole #6: The Blockchain

Rabbit Hole #5: DAOs

Rabbit Hole #4: Dishwashers

Rabbit Hole #3: Building a New Capital for Your Country Because the Old Capital Is 'Too Crowded'

Rabbit Hole #2: Vaporwave

Rabbit Hole #1 — The Twentieth Century, Seen from the Nineteenth Century

Rabbit Hole #0 — A Redesign and an Introduction

Hello I Am on a Break 2

Hello I Am on a Break

What is the Most Important Problem in the World?

A Timeline of Semi-Random Historical Facts

The Four-Way Tradeoff of the Writer

The First Third and the First Half

The Value of Variety: Values and Morality

The Value of Variety: Politics

The Value of Variety: Random Systems

The Value of Variety: Daily Life

The Value of Variety: Human Identities

The Value of Variety: Culture and Language

The Value of Variety: Biodiversity

Breathing Soul into History

The Dance of Novelty and Comfort

On Uniformity

A Pilot Study of Pokémon Biodiversity

Let Me Prove a Point Using Colored Dots

A Diversity of Diversities

My Newsletter is Like a Rat

The Strangeness of Writing an Autobiography

The IQ Bell Curve Meme

It's Okay to Know the Story Beforehand

Editing Adulthood

Learning to Stop Worrying and Love my Laptop

Why Beauty?

How to Give Advice and How to Receive It

A Tower to Reach Heaven

Unleash the Niche

Crossing Deserts and Progress Bars

The Evolution of My Evolutionary Thinking

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