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Why Do I Feel Inadequate at Coming Up With Research Ideas?

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Aesthetics as Epistemic Humility

Common Tech Jobs Described as Cabals of Mesoamerican Wizards

Prompt Engineering for Humans

Hieroglyphic Notes on the Most Important Century, Etched Into the Stone of a Long-Sealed Tomb

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Breakup Letter to a Once Beloved Project

The Industrial Revolution That Almost Was

The Four Shapes of History

The Case Against Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Education

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We Can Do Better Than Miracles

Retrofuturism Is Futurism Done Well

The Two Most Tragic Moments in History

The Secret of Happiness Is That There Are Three Kinds

Do Not Befriend the Problem—Slay It

The Difference Between Science and the Humanities Is Reading the Classics

A Taxonomy of Beauty

Five Propositions on the Future of Art

A General Philosophy of Being Dazzlingly Alive

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Evil Is Just Emptiness

Book Review: ‘The Sense of Style’

Impressions of Austin

On Moving Dirt Around

‘The Power of Myth’: A Book Review

Progress Positivity in the ‘Civilization’ Games

Meditation on the Future

Awareness Is the Secret Sauce of Everything Good

Bad Attempts at Simplification Rule Everything Around Me

Don't Spend Your Life Building Rube Goldberg Machines

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